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Saicom Leads The Open Source Revolution in Call Centre Services

The open source revolution is making its mark on the call centre industry. A new culture of open technology and innovation is enabling operators to cut costs, improve efficiency and take full control of their operations.

Powerful technologies, such as predictive dialling systems, have already changed the way call centres do business. However many of these solutions came at a significant cost and often employed a crude one-size-fits-all approach.

Saicom Voice Services has established itself as a leading call centre specialist in no small part due to its unique open source services. Saicom offers customised, open source call centre systems for less than was ever possible with proprietary systems.

Making the most of a powerful toolkit

While open source software offers unprecedented power, this is only as useful as the team behind it.

In the hands of Saicom’s engineers, all of whom are call centre specialists, Saicom’s comprehensive range of call centre solutions is fine-tuned to meet precisely each call centre’s needs, no matter how complex, no matter how large or small each firm is.

“At Saicom, ‘flexible’ is more than a buzzword. Our main goal is to offer customised service, with industry-leading technical expertise, in a spirit of close cooperation,” Saicom Group Sales Director David Lichtenstein explained.


Open source customer service

Saicom does not simply offer open source technology. In a sense, it does open source business.

“What is the point of getting great technical service if you’re locked into an onerous contract, or if your provider is holding you over a barrel, making you pay for services and equipment you don’t need?” Lichtenstein asked. “After all, our clients are our partners.”

Those clients include Talksure, one of South Africa’s most trusted independent insurance call centres.

Talksure make a point of hiring the best operators and training them very carefully. But even experienced operators are only as effective as their tools allow them to be.

“With predictive dialling and the other technologies Saicom installed for us, our operators were making calls more efficiently and more effectively, so they were able to communicate with a larger number of potential customers each day. The bottom line is they were able to make more sales,” Talksure Executive Head of IT Tony Taylor said.

For Talksure, it was essential that they got precisely the services they wanted.

“Working with Saicom feels more like collaboration than a business deal. Their technical team listened to us and worked hard find the best tech for our requirements,” Taylor added.


The technological edge

Predictive dialling is based on complex calculations that minimise lag time and improve connection rates. The system is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the call centre system, but the results are hard to miss.

Properly configured, predictive diallers mean less time is wasted, more calls are made, and operators are able to communicate as directly as possible with clients.

Combined with flexible scheduling, queue management, real-time reporting, and an array of other options, it becomes easy to match each caller with the right person, at the right time – making sure operators can apply their training in the most effective way possible and, perhaps most important of all, keep callers happy.

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