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September 20, 2019
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Digital Voice Assistants


Peter Ryan and Vadim Anikanov are pleased to announce the launch of a Special Industry Report covering Digital Voice Assistants. It includes insights into digital voice assistants as a new customer channel and diversifying BPO revenue streams in the age of voice commerce and how:

– Smart speakers;
– Wearable technology;
– And other voice assistants;
– Are driving the growth of voice commerce.

Get your copy of this report for $1299 

More About The Report

Smart speakers, wearable technology and other voice assistants are driving the growth of voice commerce. As more vCommerce use cases are adopted by consumers, sales and customer support interactions are embracing this new customer interaction channel. The report outlines the new business opportunities emerging in the vCommerce supporting realm. Outsourced contact centers, BPO providers, software developers, application integrators and media producers may benefit from these opportunities in this explosively growing business channel. The report is a great starting point for developing and orchestrating your company’s strategy for voice assistants’ enabled vCommerce.

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